An Insight to Who We Are and What We Believe In
Who is EBC?
  • Egyptian Banks Co. for Technological Advancement, S.A.E.
  • Established in 1995 under approval of Central Bank of Egypt.
  • Owned by CBE, MOF and group of national and commercial banks.
  • To provide shared infrastructure for electronic payment and clearing systems.
  • Thus, its shared infra-Structure is in-corporate with CBE payment and settlement infra-structure to fulfill Egyptian banks Sector requirements to serve the ultimate beneficially, mass clients.
What does EBC do?
  • Shared Payment Systems
    • 123 debit card scheme and shared cash network.
    • Shared gateway to international and regional networks.
    • Automated Clearing House (EG-ACH).
    • Interbank Mobile Payment.
  • Clearing System
    • Sole clearing agent for interbank and government payment transactions.
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